Betsy Mann

Director of Photography


Betsy is a graduate student at UNC studying strategic communication. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Betsy developed a passion for photography while recovering from a ballet-related spinal injury during high school at UNC School of the Arts. She graduated with a business marketing major from Wake Forest University in 2018, which is where she discovered sports photography. Betsy has photographed for several groups including GoHeels Productions, the "Old Gold & Black," and the WFU Dance Company. Betsy is passionate about capturing athletes perform in order to create and share memories of that last a lifetime.

Favorite Athlete

Mirai Nagasu. Her figure skating is mesmerizing, but more importantly, the way she handled the rejection from the Olympic team in 2014 was inspiring. She used it as fuel to ignite her history-making Olympic performance in 2018.


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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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