Taylor Moreno

Graphic Design Director


Taylor Moreno is a senior pursuing a major in Interpersonal Communication and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Raised in Huntington, NY, Taylor is a goalie for the UNC Women’s Lacrosse Team. Off the field, she is an artist who enjoys expressing her creativity through graphics and paintings. Taylor is passionate about giving student-athletes the opportunity to have their voices heard, while also promoting content that humanizes and eliminates the stereotypes associated with “student-athlete”.

My favorite athlete is Megan Rapinoe. Not only is she such an amazing soccer player, but she is a driving force in the fight for equality in women’s sports. Her drive and determination both on and off the field is something I aspire to be as not only as an athlete but as a person. Her success on the pitch is based on grit and determination and seeing that hard work pay off makes me excited for what my future in sports holds.


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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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