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Marcus Richardson

Graphic Design Director


Marcus is a senior at UNC double majoring in Media and Journalism and American Indian and Indigenous Studies, focusing on the intersection between Sports, Media, and Native America. A life-long Tar Heel fan, Marcus spent his first two years as a member of the Junior Varsity Basketball team before starting his work with UNCUT. He also works with UNC Women’s Basketball, UNC Football, and the Carolina Indian Circle. Marcus is passionate about using sports and media to break stereotypes and build up a greater sense of self for Indigenous Peoples and Communities.

Lyle Thompson because of his skill and his unwavering commitment to the Onondaga Nation and Indigenous Peoples in general. Lacrosse’s history dates back to Native American Stick Ball, so Thompson’s participation and domination in the modern version of the sport centuries later is a true testament to Indigenous Peoples’ resiliency.
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